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So, the case is: what do you do, if you have a really great product that will make your life 20 times easier, but setting the account up is a bit tricky as you probably need the service only a few times a month? Well, we tried to motivate the clients with some cool emails.

Situation before:

CostPocket app was downloaded by clients, they made the first step (created the account) but only 1% of those people actually started to use the app. The root of the problem was simple: people were asked a lot of questions and some were quite tricky (like what ERP does your accountant use) and people just left the signup process and never returned.


In a normal case, the one and the only correct solution would be to guide people through the sign-up process by triggering automated emails once it is seen that the user gets stuck. Well, at that time it was not an option yet as the system CostPocket used did not allow to use the trigger points to fire emails. So all we could do was to set up a list of emails that all users would get after we get their email, as this was the only piece of available info at that time.

We created 8 emails, of which the first ones convinced the user to continue with the sign-up process. In addition, we had a case study to show the benefits of the service, a letter with a joke (yes, that is fine if you know your customers will appreciate it) and a few others. The automation was based on only one trigger ( sign up time) and all the letters went out to everyone.

You would assume that sending triggered emails based on just signup would end up with extremely low open rates and click rates as you do not actually know if the recipient still has any interest in your product. Well, I have to surprise you as the average open rate for all the emails in the list was 42%, whereas the first email averaged on 54% open rate and the last one on 33%.

Click rates for those emails were somewhat less important as we did not have a system how we could send people back to the app. So the emails already had most of the needed content on the email body and CTA directed to a blog post with a longer explanation of the same thing.

What did the emails look like? They were extremely simple:

We added one picture to every email, short tutorial text with the aim not to take more than 1 minute of the recipient time to read the email. And in addition, we added an actual customer support person name and picture in the bottom of the email.


The mailing statistics were described already before - average open rate for all emails was 42% (33-54% in individual emails) and average click rate was 3,7% (0,1-9,9%). The actual business win is that thanks to those emails CostPocket got 10 times more completed profiles - or in other words paying customers. Hurray!

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